Is drawing important?

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Is drawing important? why is drawing important? In this article we are going to see 7 reasons why drawing is important.

Is drawing important? Drawing is very beneficial for us. It improves our hand and eye coordination. It stimulates neuronal activity, As well as it improves our focus and helps to reduce stress. Therefore drawing is important for all of us.

Following are the 7 reasons in list format, why is drawing important.

Why is Drawing Important?

Drawing has many benefits to us. It helps us to relax and reduce our stress. It increases our focus and mainly hand and eye coordination. Daily 15 mins of drawing can take out your entire day’s stress.

Let’s see the reasons why drawing is important for us. Following they are.-

7 Reasons Why is Drawing Important?

Following is the top 7 reasons why is drawing important for us.

1. It Improves Your hand and eye Coordination.

The first reason is it is very beneficial to improve our hand-eye coordination. When you try to draw for the first time. You’ll find some difficulties. Because your hand is not yet trained to make smooth movements. And your eyes do not have enough conjecture.

But over time with practice, your eyes and hands will be able to work properly. And with precision. Because it develops your brain in such a way. Therefore it is also beneficial for your brain. It opens up a whole lot of possibilities for your brain.

2. It Helps to Reduce Stress.

If you’re too stressed at work or in the classroom, a little bit of doodling can help you to reduce your stress. Even 15 minutes of random doodling can reduce your entire stress. 

Even if you didn;t know much about drawing. Just random doodling can help you drastically. It instantly starts to reduce our stress.

3. It Increases Your Brain Activity.

Drawing also helps to increase your brain activity. Because first of all it’s stress relieving and it also triggers our certain brain cells. In the way that it can improve brain functioning. It improves our fine motor skills, creativity, memory, and problem solving skills. 

As well as it increases our positivity. So in simple words drawing is very very beneficial for our brain. It can be used for improving our brain’s functioning. 

4. It Develops Fine Motor Skills in Toddlers.

Is drawing important in toddlers?
Is drawing important in toddlers?

In little kids, drawing can be very very useful for developing their brain. They get to develop their motor skills, as well as other brain functions like creativity, memory, and muscle mind connection.

We should teach little kids to draw. It’ll improve their muscle and mind connection. As well as develop their other motor skills. It trains their brain. Therefore, drawing is important for kids and adults also.

5. It Fills Us With Positivity.

Drawing is also important for increasing our positivity. And positive emotions. Drawing can just not reduce your stress but it can fill positivity in you. When you’re sad or in too much confusion, drawing can help you to bring back your happier version.

Because when you do something with consternation, and freely, it reduces your negative emotions. And help you to get normal.

Therefore drawing can be used to bring back your positivity instantly. Because when you are draw with little consternation, it makes you forget about everything. And you are involved in that completely. So it calms you down from chaos.

6. It improves your communication skills.

Our Second last reason for these days is, drawing improves your communication skills. Firstly it seems impossible. But let me help you to understand this.

When you start drawing, you will automatically try to draw something that conveys your emotions and message. You try to think various ways, and creative visuals to convey your emotions pleasantly.

So you ultimately get better at communicating your emotions, and feeling pleasantly. And therefore drawing is very important for all of us. We learn various uncountable way to communicate our emotions, and feelings.

7. It increases our Creativity.

Lastly, drawing increases our creativity. Lot of people tend to believe that creativity is a god gift. And either people have it from birth or don’t have it. But indeed we all have it. And with little practice we can easily increase it.

When we put such time and effort into something or it is your passion. Then naturally we think of various ways to make it even better. And it trains our brain, so it becomes creative.

It is a myth that creativity comes by birth. But it completely depends on the person. Some people have an extra brain for thinking creatively. And some don’t. 

The person we try to think more creatively, gets better at it. Because his brain will get trained about it. And we thought that he was creative! 

And those who do not put extra effort, remain normal. And we thought they were not creative. So that’s the thing.

But drawing is one of the best and fun ways to increase your creativity. But only when you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself. Otherwise you’ll burn out. And it’s not helping you anymore, just instead giving you more stress. So take it easy.

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