Is Drawing Haram?- DrawingPerfect

Is Drawing Haram?- DrawingPerfect

Is Drawing Haram? Is drawing forbidden in islam? Is Drawing a sin? Is drawing someone haram? Is drawing manga haram? Is drawing cartoons haram in islam? Let’s see these topics in this article.

Is Drawing Haram? Drawing is not halal in islam. Similar to every talent, it is not a haram. But any talent can be used for the halal or haram. So drawing is not halal but doing certain bad things with it is haram. Drawing sexual figure, depicting god, prophets, adultery is haram.

if the drawing you’re making will help to spread Islam. And teaches about it to other people, then it is permissible to do it.

Is Drawing Haram in Islam?

There are a lot of different opinions and controversies on this topic. Lot of Islamic scholars have their completely opposite opinion on this. But don’t worry, I am here to make things simple for you.

Drawing is not halal or haram in islam. But drawing certain things like sexual things, adultery, trying to depict god, prophets are consider haram. Other than that it’s not haram. You can follow your talent and passion freely. 

You can understand this in this way, what you do with your talent is more important. If you’re harming anyone or offending their feelings then it’s a problem to think about. You have a certain talent, liking, interest, and passion. There is no problem in that, but if your passion is hurting someone or spreading hate in society then it’s obviously wrong.

So you can understand it in this way. Because there are a lot of opinions and debates on this topic. You can’t find the end conclusion of this. Even after trying your best.

And it also depends on what Maadhib you’re following. But instead you should follow the simple trick, if you’re not hurting someone’s feelings and beliefs then it’s completely fine.

But still if you want a real answer then it’s, drawing is not halal or prohibited in islam. But certain things are prohibited like drawing sexual sexual figure, depicting god, prophets, adultery.

Now let’s see other sides of this question in detail. Let’s get information about specific drawing types.

Is Drawing Someone Haram?

Is Drawing Someone Haram?
Is Drawing Someone Haram?

It is considered haram to draw the human body, and living things. Because when you draw a human body, you get a feeling of pride/accomplishment. Which may lead you to fire. But you promise yourself that you won’t enter the pride phase, then it’s ok to draw. And follow your passion.

Well, the Quran does not clearly ban images and drawings. But some hadith say that you should not draw living things. Even when Muslims pray. They are not permitted to wear clothing with any drawings and images. And also, I suggest not to leave the Quran near any as well. This also means that you cannot have any depictions of the God/ prophet (SAW/PBUH) either.

When you draw a human body, living things you get a feeling of accomplishment, or pride. And this could corrupt you. Therefore it is not allowed to draw such things. It is recommended to never ever draw a face, eyes, human-like body (including a demon, or imaginary living character), or any living thing.

So that will give you an overall answer. Like is it haram to draw just eyes, or such. But if you promise yourself that you won’t enter the pride phase. And won’t let any negative feelings take over you. Then you can draw.

Because islam is flexible religion. And as time passes by, it allows changes. Nowadays it’s not a bad thing, unless you’re doing something wrong. Like drawing erotic, sexual pictures, or Anything that spread hate about islam. Then it’s fine to draw, follow your passion, liking and talent.

Instead islam promotes the drawing that spread islam religion to more people. So islam does not ban drawing but it has some guidelines to take care about.

Is It Haram to Draw Just Eyes?

Is It Haram to Draw Just Eyes?
Is It Haram to Draw Just Eyes?

Is It Haram to Draw Just Eyes? In simple words, Drawing just eyes or a face without anything isn’t haram.

Actually there is a lot of controversy about this topic. Because no one actually knows the answers. It is not clearly mentioned anywhere. But this confusion comes into existence because when you draw a human body or such things you get a feeling of accomplishment and pride. 

And this can corrupt you or set you on fire. Therefore it is not recommended to draw such things.

But it is not clearly banned in islam. It’s a kind of guideline. That it can demonize you. Or lead you down the wrong path. Then later it became so confusing. 

Later some people said drawing just eyes isn’t haram. Or drawing a complete human form

Is haram. Etc. but there is really no clear instruction about this in islam.

But Drawing just eyes, or drawing a face without eyes or facial expression isn’t haram. If you look at it in a technical way. Means it;s like finding a loophole.

But unless and until you’re not entering that pride phase, it’s going to be ok. Some people can enter the pride phase by just drawing eyes or face without anything. If it’s going to harm you, wouldn’t it be wrong? Think wisely! 

If it leads you down the wrong path then it’s surely halal. But if it isn’t then it’s not a wrong thing. So think this way, if your drawing triggers your pride or negative emotions then it’s completely wrong to continue. Even if it is not haram. Otherwise it’s ok.

Is Drawing Manga or Anime Haram?

Is Drawing Manga or Anime Haram?
Is Drawing Manga or Anime Haram?

Is drawing manga Haram? Is drawing Anime Haram? If you want a simple answer, then it is preferred to stay away from drawing the human body or any living figure. But since islam is flexible religion. As time passed it has allowed some changes.

Therefore the genuine answer is it is not permitted to draw living things. The reason for it was because in the past these things were worshiped by the infidels. And I’m sure you’ve had that feeling of accomplishment after you draw a human body. That feeling of accomplishment could lead you to pride which may lead you to fire.

Therefore it is prohibited to draw in-living things or human body in islam. 

And keep it in mind, If the drawings are erotic, don’t draw them. That would be a sin in islam religion.

But looking to modern society, if you manage to control your feeling of pride. And somehow commit yourself that you won’t let that pride phase overtake you, then you can draw anime and manga.

We need to understand that islam is flexible religion. And as time passes it allows it to change its certain rules. And today’s situation is very different. So you can draw and peacefully follow your passion. Let your talent glow.

Is Drawing Cartoons Haram in Islam?

As I said in the above subheading. If your drawing or erotic, sexual, or depicting god isn’t fine to draw anything. Unless and until your drawing is not leading you in the pride phase or triggering your negative emotions it’s fine to draw anything.

Read above subheading for more information. It’s almost the same and applies that same way.

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