5 Reasons Why drawing is hard?- DrawingPerfect

5 Reasons Why Drawing is Hard?- DrawingPerfect

Why drawing is hard? Why do I struggle to draw? Is drawing a hard skill? Why can’t I draw all of a sudden?  What is the hardest thing about drawing? Let’s see all of these questions in this article.

Why drawing is hard? Drawing is a Motor Skills, it requires mind and muscle coordination. Before you can’t draw all of a sudden. Or wake up and draw perfectly in one day. It requires a lot of practice and then your muscle memory will build up and you’re able to draw perfectly. 

When you practice drawing it devolves your right hemisphere of the brain. And then you get better at drawing. Our right hemisphere of the brain handles all the creative works like drawings. But this part of the brain is very unpredictable and disorganized.

Therefore most of people’s left hemisphere is dominated and right are developed. Therefore you can not get up suddenly and draw well enough. 

But if you can, then congratulations!! Your right part of the brain is dominated and developed then left. And you’re a very disorganized and unpredictable person.;) Still, you have a precious and creative Skill.

Why Drawing is Hard?

Why Drawing is Hard?
Why Drawing is Hard?

We can say, drawing is not hard. but it requires practice and effort to be good at it. Drawing is a skill, as well as an art. It requires both creativity, and good muscle-mind connection. You must have good control on your hands as well as creativity. And sometimes problem-solving mind;). Joke aside.

But you have to develop a certain muscle memory and few other things to help you draw effortlessly. And these take time to build.

Therefore we can say it’s not hard but it requires a lot of practice and patience. It’s not an overnight process.

And I would also suggest you to give it time and effort, because at the end it’s what makes an artist. it’s the process and experience that make you an artist, not the skills.

Skills can be developed but the dedication and experience you’re going to receive is priceless.

There is a quote by Gary Vaynerchuk. 

“Skills are cheap, passion is priceless.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

So I would rather say, you should invest your time and effort into drawing without worrying about results that will make you unique and valuable.

Why Do I Struggle to Draw?

Why Do I Struggle to Draw?
Why Do I Struggle to Draw?

If you’re thinking, ok I am ready to put in the effort but why do I struggle to draw? Or why am I not getting good results? There’s a simple answer for this, either you’re not giving enough time to practice. Or your technique of learning is wrong. Coming to the first solution, how much time is good enough to practice?- you should at least give 2 hours of practice for drawing daily. 

And asking about the right method/ technique to learn drawing. 

  • Then I’ll suggest that you start from the basics and then go up. 
  • First select any style you would like to learn. 
  • Then make sure you’re spending 90% of time practicing that drawing style.
  • The key is to not get distracted here.
  • If possible then join an online course on skillshare or udemy. Or use youtube videos mostly.
  • Because If it’s a designed course then you will be able to monitor your progress. And match up with them.
  • So try to find a series which will guide you from basic to advanced. And in this way you’ll be able to track your progress.

Don’t spend extra time practicing random stuff or things which you don’t have any idea about. Because it’s just a waste of time. And does not lead you to any results.

So here is a very simple answer that will solve your entire issue. The simple key is here to track your progress.

Why Can’t I Draw All of a Sudden?

Why Can't I Draw All of a Sudden?
Why Can’t I Draw All of a Sudden?

If you’re a newbie or wanting to learn drawing. And this question popped in your mind, Why Can’t I Draw All of a Sudden? Then I will suggest you to not learn drawing at all. Just leave it and get some sleep. Because it’s not the end result but the progress of learning that will give you all the fun.

Just know one thing, drawing is an art. It does not have a limit. You can be better at it even with 90 years of daily practice. So you will never complete this process.

And if you are looking for the end result then you’ll never ever come to it. So just leave it. Don’t at all try to learn drawing or any other skill for the end result.

And if you’re curious and just want to ask why I can not draw suddenly, then check the second and third para of this page. You’ll find your answer there.

What is the Hardest Thing About Drawing?

What is the Hardest Thing About Drawing?
What is the Hardest Thing About Drawing?

And finally if you’re asking what is the hardest thing about drawing, so you can prepare for it better. Actually it’s lack of motivation and Frustration.

You have to be very patient and dedicated to it. Lot of time, and actually I mean it a lot of times you’ll get so much Frustrated.

You’ll find yourself lacking motivation to learn drawing. Because it takes a tremendous amount of effort and time to be better at drawing.

So just be careful. You’ll be going into your lowest point a lot of time. You have to push yourself through that time. Overcome all the negative thoughts.

Sometimes you’ll get a voice in your head that you can not ever learn drawing. Or it could be negative, just stay focused and overcome these. It’s part of the process.

5 Reasons Why Drawing is Hard

Here are 5 reasons why drawing is hard to learn.

1. It requires your mostly unused part of the brain.

So the first reason is very technical and applies to all. And maybe it’s the root of everything. Drawing requires the right hemisphere of the brain. 

And this part of the brain is not developed in most people. Because when your right hemisphere of brain is more developed or dominated then the left hemisphere, people become very disorganized and unpredictable. And most people resist those characteristics. Therefore their right hemisphere is not so developed or dominant.

Therefore while learning to draw this part of the brain gets active and develops slowly. So this is the main reason why you can not draw well all of a sudden.

This part of the brain handles all the creative tasks. And creativity requires the most random thinking and ideas. So it’s not surprising why people get unpredictable when their right brain is dominant.

2. You Have to Build Muscle Memory to Draw.

Why Drawing is Hard
Why Drawing is Hard

Coming to the second point, you have to teach your muscles certain movements. And make them remember for frequent use. You have to practice these again and again.

Building muscle memory and habits takes a little bit of time. Therefore drawing can seem a little hard and time consuming. 

At starting , your hand is not able to move perfectly according to your drawing. Everything is new for your hand and brain. You have to do these movements repetitively and be perfect at it. And make muscle memory of these movements. And this takes time and effort.

You can not learn it overnight. Therefore you can find drawing difficult.

3. You Have to Develop Muscle-Mind Connection First.

The third reason is you have to make your muscle and mind connection stronger. It means you must be able to control your hand precisely to draw. And in order to make perfect movements you have to develop your muscle mind connection.

And this also comes with practice. You have to spend a lot of time practicing. Then only you can be a master at drawing.

Yes, I accept that sometimes it’s frustrating. But as i said it’s the process that makes an artist. Not the result. 

Someone can be lucky and draw only one beautiful painting. Or maybe cheat while painting. But someone can take hours of effort and years of experience to make a painting. Who can you call an artist??

So failure will make you big, not your achievement. because failure brings experience. And achievements only bring ego;). 

One will help to become more greater and one can destroy you.

4. It’s Very Time Consuming.

We can also say it like this. Drawing is not hard but it’s time consuming. Time consuming means you have to put in a lot of effort while learning. You have to practice for hours and hours to make correct hand movements and build muscle memory.

So you can say it like this. Drawing requires a lot of effort and practice to be better at it. Therefore some people are able to tolerate this process and get firstated. And sometimes quite. And drawing seems hard to them.

But you should be able to face these all to become good at drawing.

5. Realistic Drawings are Harder.

And the last reason is, besides physical barriers. Let’s think technically. Even kids can draw random things and shapes. But drawing something realistic takes a lot of time and effort. 

Your character, objects should look beautiful and justified. Lighting must be perfect. Object should make a shadow and it should be 3D justified. Etc, etc.

All this thinking and hard work makes distributions between new and expert artists. So drawing accurately and beautifully is a real hard task.

And this all only comes with a lot of practice and experience. That you make you a valuable artist. 

So that’s it for this article. Make sure to share your opinion and what you think about this topic in the comment section below. 

Let’s meet in another article with another topic, Stay tuned!!

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